Where To Party For Spring 2017

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Where To Party For Spring 2017

New York City is a fickle beast, especially when it comes to nightlife. One day the spot is hot, and the next – well, you should be embarrassed to be seen there. Luckily for all us after-hours denizens, each new season brings a bevvy of bars and lounges fit for the cool kids. Click through for the hottest haunts to party this spring.

Sugar East

Nicotine fiends, it’s time to spark up. Sugar East, a Cuba-inspired speakeasy on the Upper East Side, has garnered one of New York’s very coveted tobacco licenses, meaning you can puff away between sips of exotic cocktails. The cigar bar’s smoky atmosphere may not be the best for your lungs, but it sure is sexy.

Sugar East, 1125 First Ave.